Communication between a maximum of 4 people

How it works

Liaison interpreting is used to facilitate communication between two people, or one person and a small group of people, or two small groups of people who, in each case, speak two different languages. In general, it is used for a maximum of four people in meetings of various types but more so to facilitate communication between only two people.

The interpreter works in both language directions, for example Spanish into English and English into Spanish. No microphones or headsets are required and the speaker and interpreter usually alternate every minute or so to keep the communication clear and flowing.

This type of interpreting is predominantly used during negotiations and discussions of various kinds (interviews, technical seminars and the like).


By way of example, I provided liaison interpreting at the following events among others:

  • Fashion trade fair Première Vision in Paris for Zarza Estudio
  • A meeting dealing with the sale of a company
  • Technical equipment training sessions at a cardboard manufacturing plant

Première Vision Trade Fair
(Source: Première Vision)

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