One to one interpreting

Chuchotage interpreting at an exhibition opening
(Source: Aragón Hoy)

How it works

Chuchotage (from the French word for ‘whispering’) is whispered interpreting.

It is like simultaneous interpreting in that it is provided in real time by alternating interpreters but is offered in settings where only one person needs to hear the translation. The interpreting is whispered to that listener’s ear to avoid interrupting the speaker or disrupting others listening.

In contrast to simultaneous interpreting, chuchotage does not require a booth or any technical audio equipment and is limited to two participants: the interpreter and the person requiring the interpreting.

Whispered interpreting is not recommended for more than two people. If several interpreters are working at the same time in the same room this can be as noisy and unpleasant for the participants as it is distracting for the interpreters. The practice can be testing on the voice and is appropriate only for short meetings.


By way of example, I provided chuchotage interpreting at the following events among others:

  • The opening of the exhibition “Viva el Diseño” in Zaragoza for Vito Orazem of Red Dot Design, interpreting a speech given by Marta Gastón, the Minister for Industry and Employment of the Regional Government of Aragon (Spain)
  • Business negotiations between a Spanish and US company

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