My client base spans all kinds of sectors, although I work mainly on topics related to social justice issues, climate change, human rights and agriculture.

Whether you’re navigating global conferences or dynamic social initiatives, I’m here to ensure your message is accurately and authentically conveyed.

Noteworthy clients

Selection of voice recordings

Below, you can access voice recordings of selected interpreting jobs to give you an idea of the skills I could bring to your event.

COP26 Glasgow – COP26 - Leaders' Event: Action and Solidarity - The Critical Decade

Watch video

Spanish -> English Nov 2021

1:26:44 – 1:31:52 – Luís Arce, Presidente de Bolivia

1:15:45 – 1:19:33 – Alberto Fernández, Presidente de Argentina

Convention on Biological Diversity – Launch of the second edition of the Local Biodiversity Outlooks 2

Spanish -> English

31:39 – 37:52

51:53 – 54:23

58:27 – 1:02:30

Systemic Justice - A community toolkit for change: resources for leveraging the courts

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English-> Spanish

00:08:40 – 00:09:20

Resisting pension fund capitalism – Part 2

Spanish -> English

49:08 – 49:32

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